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About colossal coral colony


A kind of coral was concluded to pavona clavus.
pavona clavus is distributing over Japanese Okinawa and the Philippines.
Ordinary colony is small than 5 m, But coral stock of this time reaches to more than 30 m.
An owner of local professional shop GARA discovered it in the Yaebishi Miyako island Japan. Photography was done July and November in 1997 by Mr. katsuori yamaki. We enforce more detailed investigation this year.
A photograph of this coral was judged by Mr.Keiichi Nomura(Kusimoto Marine Park).According to it, an example grieves at big colony of such pavona clavus once still and there is importance equivalent to blue coral(most famous) in Shiraho,Okinawa.
This coral stock is great nature that Japanese Okinawa. Will there be big value to this? This coral is an inheritance of nature made by a blessing of Yaebishi that is ` Great Baria reef of Oriental`
We pray for what this coral lives in eternally. And so on has this home page on examination a spot news.

Katsunori Yamaki
1. Feb. 1998

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